Locked out of the house? 5 things you need to do

Getting locked out of the house might seem like a minor inconvenience which may only end with being late, or waiting outside for someone to rescue me. but maybe more serious once kids or pets are locked inside the house.

If the keys are locked inside your house, or even lost altogether, you shouldn’t panic. There are many options to assist you with getting back inside your house quickly and easily without breaking a window or a door.

Very important is to not give in to the panic, remain calm, and try these options to help you gain entry to your home:

Seek help from a friend, roommate, or family member:

Giving someone you trust a copy of your key is perfect for these situations.

Giving a neighbor a copy of your key will make for an easy and fast solution. It will get you back to your house in no time. Make sure to only give a key to a neighbor you can trust with your home key. Make sure that neighbor is available for times of emergency (Giving a key to a neighbor who’s never home might not be as effective)

If you have a roommate, partner, family member who has an extra copy of your key, call them, and seek their assistance. If you don’t have your phone, or a means to call them, seek assistance from a neighbor or a nearby business.

Hide a spare key:

If this happens often, a hideaway key will be very handy for you.

While hiding a key might not be a good idea, and in some circumstances may be dangerous. a well-known hiding place might be where criminals will look for the key. There are safe solutions to securely hide your keys, as fake rocks, and outdoors key safes, which are better alternatives. Look for an uncommon place to hide a key, and very important, don’t forget where you hid it. This way you avoid getting locked out of house, just remember to put it back in the hiding spot.

Check different access points:

Whether or not you double-checked your home security before leaving and locking the door behind you, it’s always a good idea to check for a possibility of an open window, back door, sliding door, etc.

Please don’t attempt to break a window or door, as this might result in your injury, and will always end in damage to your property which will be costly to repair.

Attempt to unlock the door yourself:

If you have access to tools, look for a door that has only a doorknob, or only the doorknob is locked, and use our tips to unlock the door when you get locked out of house. Click here to read our article on how to unlock a house door

Call a locksmith:

If none of the above helped you gain access and you are still locked out of the house, call us at Unlock-It Locksmith Las Vegas, and one of our residential locksmith technicians will be there to help you in no time.

Calling a residential locksmith is more often than not the safest, easiest, and also quickest way to gain access to your home.

Call us at Unlock-It and one of our Las Vegas locksmith technicians will be there to assist you in no time!

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