What is an access control system, and what are the different types of systems used?

Access control systems allow the property manager, whether is residential or commercial property, to choose who they authorize entry on the property. as well as which parts are they allowed access to.

There are a large number of options available using access control systems, from the number of authorized persons allowed, to the number of zones they are allowed access to.

all the way to different hours throughout the day in which they are allowed to access the property.

We asked both our commercial locksmiths and our residential locksmiths for their preferred access control systems, and compiled this list for you to consider:

  • Mechanical access control
  • Electronic access control systems
  • Mechanical and electrical access control systems
  • Physical access control systems

Mechanical access control:

The most common type of access control systems, both in commercial and residential properties, is the mechanical access control system.

Any lock and key system would be considered as a mechanical access control system.

Upgrading your locks to high security locks will increase your security in these cases.

Electronic access control systems:

Mostly used for commercial properties, but can also be used in residential buildings and complex building types, these systems offer more advanced security requirements, and can be used to easily secure different access points throughout the premises.

Electronic access control system

These types of access control systems use a key card, chip key, key fob, or a predetermined code to grant access to different parts of the building, as well as keep a record of who entered certain parts of the building as well as what time that individual used the access code or key.

Without the correct code or key or code no individual can access those parts of the property.

There are two major types of electronic access systems:

Standalone systems:

These types of systems are usually used for single access points, and are also commonly used in the residential market.

These systems are not connected by electronic systems and are usually powered by batteries, meaning that the installation requirements for these systems are less complicated than wired control systems.

saving you on installation times, and allows for easier fitting of different types of doors and locks.

These systems offer a solution for instances where online access control cant be used, for locations where due to location settings or infrastructure prevents us from using electric connections.

Though these systems are considered as less sophisticated, they can still be integrated into a larger access control system, by combining online control, and smartphone apps, allowing for easy offsite access points.

Online access control systems: 

Usually used on larger sites with a higher number of access points needed, these systems are wired and connected to the access control software.

These systems can achieve higher levels of security, due to real time exchange between components and software.

These systems can also interface with other systems such as alarm systems, elevator control and more.

Mechanical and electrical access control systems:

Both electrical and mechanical systems,as well as a combination of the both, can be used to add security on your property.

Using the electric system of key cards, access codes, or key fobs, to access the premises, as well as standard key access to different parts of the property, allows for more control as well as the higher security aspect.

this is more typically used in office buildings with different office spaces rented out, as well as office spaces using restricted areas, and also used in residential buildings, in which each tenant has the same access points throughout the building as well as individual access into each apartment.

Physical access control systems:

These systems play an important role in access control and security.

No matter how high security of a lock you use, or how high quality your access control system is, if the door itself or the physical access system can be easily accessed, it makes no difference which other systems are used.

Because of this, physical security needs to be viewed with high importance and made sure to be in line with your security requirements.

These are different types of physical security systems you can use to improve security on your property:

  1. Sensor barriers
  2. Turnstiles whether half height or full height
  3. Tripod turnstiles
  4. Revolving doors
  5. Heavier duty doors either for residential or commercial properties
  6. Security interlocks

Whether you’re looking to improve security on your residential or commercial property, access control systems are a vital part of any security system.

Call us at Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services and our experienced Las Vegas locksmith technicians will assist you in all your security needs.

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