7 Security Benefits of adding a maglock system to your commercial property

Here we will provide you with 7 reasons why you should consider adding magnetic locks to your business today!

What is a magnetic lock?

Before we get started, it is important to understand how a magnetic lock works:

A magnetic lock, or maglock, uses low voltage power (Either DC 12 or 24 Volts) to keep the door closed and locked, basically using the same kind of power as your alarm system does.

The door can be opened using a card swipe, key fob, or using a passcode on a keypad.

All maglocks can be accessed through your access control, with some having the option of remote access through your smartphone!

Maglocks benefits:


While all mechanical locks are subject to extensive wear and tear as time passes by, they require maintenance and many replacements. magnetic locks will last you forever, as long as you keep the door it is installed on.

Ease of combining systems:

Since the maglock system uses the same power as your other access control systems, it is easier for a commercial locksmith to install, and combine your systems together.

Remote access control:

Maglock systems allow you to control every security aspect of your business, and many of these systems can be configured remotely to work certain hours. so if your business closes at a certain hour, you can make sure no one will have access to your premise.

More records of use:

When configuring your system, you may choose to record each individual card swipe, and time, which, in case of a security issue, will provide you with important information.

Using these systems, administrators can collect valuable information that can be used by employers to determine different efficiencies.

Long term savings on key cutting :

In every business, employee turnover is a fact. As employees leave and new hires arrive, you will need to provide them with the correct keys to access your facility. With most commercial properties choosing more high security locks, this process gets increasingly expensive. 

In some cases, the departure of an employee will require you to either rekey the locks, or have them changed out all together, requiring you to provide all your employees with a new set of keys, making the expense much more significant.

Access control systems are cheaper to update, and can be explained to staff, reducing the need of a commercial locksmith on site.

Most key cards and key fobs used with magnetic locks systems can be updated over and over as the codes change depending on your needs, as for keypads, they will just require enabling a new code and removing the older one.

Eliminating the risk of lost keys:

No matter how careful you or your staff are, eventually someone will lose a key. When using physical keys, this can pose a significant security risk.

Using access control systems, a system administrator can disable the lost card, and issue a new card in a matter of minutes.

Maglocks safety:

When installing a maglock system, they are usually set to “fail open”, so once the power is cut, the locks will disengage and the doors will open automatically, meaning the difference in a life and death event such as a fire. 

While standard mechanical locks have safety features as well, magnetic locks will save important seconds for the individuals escaping a locked building.

For more information and questions about how a maglock system can work on your business, call us at Unlock-It, and our commercial locksmiths will assist you!

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