9 Secrets your Las Vegas locksmith won’t tell you!

Whether you locked the keys in your car, locked out of your house or office, or even lost your car keys altogether when you feel as if the only thing left to do is pray you to have an extra key stashed somewhere. If this ever happened to you, you know how important it is to have a reliable Las Vegas locksmith by your side.

Here are a few secrets Las Vegas locksmiths won’t tell you:

Don’t let panic overcome you:

The first step, and the reason why this is our number one secret, is, when faced with a difficult and most often very frustrating situation, we tend to let our emotions get the best of us.

Very important to take a couple of deep breaths, count to ten, and relax before calling a Las Vegas locksmith. Before making the frantic call for help, check other access points to your home or car.

We’ve seen this happen more than once, where the technician finds an open door or window and is forced to charge for a travel charge simply to open an unlocked house or car.

Do not duplicate keys:

Even though stamped with do not duplicate across the key, dodgy Las Vegas locksmiths still duplicate these keys, since they are regular keys, with the only exception is the writing.

Be aware that having a key stamped with a do not duplicate warning, does not guarantee that they won’t be copied.

Maintenance personnel key

Be it your pool guy, babysitter, or housekeeper, no matter how much you want to trust the person you’re providing a key to access your home, there are always risks involved in giving away keys.

The best way to protect yourself in the future is to ask our Las Vegas locksmith team to create a master key system in your home locks.

Providing a key to the pool guy which only opens the pool gate, or your housekeeper a key which only opens the front door doorknob, while simultaneously reducing the need for you to carry multiple keys for your home, the master key system can solve these issues before they even become issues.

Deadbolts provide your property with the actual level of security:

The reason we specified providing your maintenance personnel with a key for the doorknob and not the deadbolt, is because the deadbolt provides the real level of security on the door.

Having a quality deadbolt installed will make the difference between a break-in or an attempted break-in.

Most Las Vegas locksmiths will tell you that choosing a high quality, high security deadbolt, like 

Mul-T-Lock or medeco will make a big difference in your home’s security level.

Bad lock installation:

Many break-ins could be prevented with proper lock installation.

We have seen more often than you’d like to believe, be it in homes or offices, where the locks have been installed upside down or backward.

With some locks, this can eliminate the efficiency of the locking mechanism and leave you exposed to break-ins.

An experienced Las Vegas locksmith will know how to properly install locks, to give you the maximum they can offer you.

Rekey your locks when moving into a new home:

Whether you’ve just purchased your new home or moved into a new rental property, one of the first and most important things to do is rekey or change your locks.

Since you don’t know the persons living there before you, they might still have a key to your new home.

To prevent your home from a potential security breach it is very important to call a Las Vegas locksmith to have your locks rekeyed.

We work with law enforcement all the time:

From evictions to squatters, all the way to check up on your elderly parent in case they don’t answer the phone, we work alongside law enforcement agencies to assist in these situations.

We provide 24/7 Las Vegas locksmith services:

The thing about being locked out of your car or your home, is that we don’t plan it.

Subsequently, it can occur at any time throughout the day, be it early morning or the middle of the night. Usually, in these cases, you’ll find yourself on your phone, googling “Locksmith near me”, or “24 hour Las Vegas locksmith”, and on occasion, you might fall into the hands of the wrong Las Vegas locksmith and find yourself being taken advantage of.

To prevent that from happening, lock our number into your phone, as your trusted 24 hour Las Vegas locksmith.

We provide more than just your standard Las Vegas locksmith services:

Besides unlocking your door, and rekeying your locks, we provide a wide range of security solutions to help secure your home or business.

We offer advanced security solutions, such as Magnetic locks, Electric strike locks,  Access control systems, all the way to high-security mechanical locksets for both your home and office.

If you find yourself looking for a trustworthy Las Vegas locksmith, look no further than Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services!

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