These 3 types of keyless entry door locks can help you save money for your business

For a long time, our businesses have relied on the lock and key system, handing out keys to employees. constantly causing us to change or rekey our locks, just to go over the same process with every changing employee. This is very difficult to maintain, as keys can be stolen, misplaced, or even duplicated, causing a major security issue for our businesses. With modern technology advancing there became a rapid rise in keyless entry systems, also known as keyless entry door locks. so much so, that it is even becoming a norm in several industries, and as such, our commercial locksmith technicians recommend it!

Here we will provide you with a few examples of keyless entry for you to update your business’s security.

Keypad access:

A keypad lockset is a keyless entry door lock that allows you to use a combination of numbers to create a specialized entry code.

This system is very popular as it gives you better control over who has access to your business/office space. Using a keypad entry system, you have the ability to assign temporary codes for a person that may require access to your business/office space, and delete it once their entry is complete as if to remove their permission to enter the premises.

Some newer keypads even allow for Bluetooth and/or wifi access to the lock to provide you with even greater control over the lock, and who may operate it.

If your business has a high turnover rate, this is ideal as all you will need is to simply change the code, or revoke the access of a certain individual.

Key fob access locks:

Having key fobs has many advantages at a business level.

Once provided to each employee, they are scanned at the different entry points throughout the facility. The fob scanner detects the individual clearance level and can allow or deny entry to a specified door.

A fob can access the front entry door, but cannot access certain offices.

Having this system allows you to either grant or deny access to different areas of your facility.

Also, once an employee leaves, all you have to do is deactivate the fob.

A bonus point is the system’s ability to record entries to your facility, giving you an extra security aspect.

Video enabled intercom:

An intercom system allows for a vetting system of individuals requesting entry to your facility. Many intercom systems are video-enabled, as to allow you to identify each individual requesting entry to your facility, and verify their clearance or permission, before you or your security manager, allows their access to your facility. This is also handy as many of these systems record the different interactions you encounter throughout the day, allowing you to revisit them at any point needed.

If you want keyless entry door locks for you business contact us at Unlock-It and our commercial locksmith specialists will assist you in all your security needs!

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