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Locked keys in car? what to do when you got locked out of your car

Imagine you are rushing out for a meeting, stopped over along the way for whatever reason, and just like that, you locked keys in car. Well, you are not alone. Almost every car owner has locked themselves out of the car at least once in their life, and this can be quite frustrating.

Some people are lucky to have acted proactively, whereby they hid a spare car key somewhere in the car. However, if you did not do this, all is not lost. The following tips have been used by many to unlock a car door — use them as well.

Before we continue, once you realize that you locked keys in car, keep calm. We understand that you want to continue doing whatever you were up to, but being anxious and restless is no way a relief. Remaining calm will help you focus on the next best course of action.

1. Try DIY Tricks to Unlock a Car Door

Most DIY hacks for car lockouts are not for the faint-hearted. However, if you are up for it, these two tricks have proven to help some motorists.

• Using a coat hanger: I know you are wondering where you will get a coat hanger when you are outside the car. But, think about the people around you, especially if you are in a populated place and ask someone to lend you one. Straighten the wire first and then learn how to use a coat hanger to unlock a car. However, while doing this, be careful to avoid damaging your car.

• Using a shoelace: Using a lace or string to unlock a car door will only work if you have a post lock. This is a lock that pops up from the interior door trim. While the hack is a bit tricky and complicated at first, this video will help you get started and eventually do it. Each DIY trick you embark on must be carried out with care.

2. Look for Help

If DIY hacks are not something you would trust, then look for help. Here are few people who can help in case you get your keys locked in car.

• Call someone to bring a spare key

This is a tip for those who have a spare key hidden in the office, at home, or anywhere else you believed to be safe. Call someone who can access this key and ask them to bring it to you. Well, it will only make sense if you are not too far from where the key is. Otherwise, if you can wait and pull this, then you need no more help.

• Call the police

Dial 911 because your safety is a priority, especially if you feel threatened. In most cases, the police will help you unlock the car door. Even if they cannot open the car, they will request for a tow truck to get you out of there. The cost of tow truck will be on you, but safety comes first, right?

• Call for roadside assistance

Have you subscribed to any emergency road service? This is the time the fee you have been submitting to these clubs will pay off. Your automobile association should be there for you anytime you locked keys in the car or need any other emergency help. The only downside about this option is that they can take longer to get to where you are.

If you are not a member of any auto club, but you bought your car recently, your basic warranty might come with roadside help services. Of course, the manual with the contacts is also locked in the vehicle. Call your car dealership, and they can assist you in accessing this help.

• Call for tow truck services

If you do not want to involve the police and roadside assistance is not an option for you, requesting a tow truck should be your next option. The good thing is that most towing companies offer lock-out services. Dial 411, and they will find you wherever you are stuck.

3. Proactive Measures

No one wants to experience such kinds of hassles whenever they get keys locked in car. What if you prepared yourself for such surprises? Here are some measures you can put in place.

• According to Unlock-it locksmith Las Vegas, having a spare key for your car comes in handy. Put it in your wallet, purse, or get a magnet box somewhere under your car and stick it there.
• Ask your dealer to make you a temporary key that can unlock a car door but cannot start the car. All you need is a ride to your dealer and proof that you own the car.

Have you ever locked keys in car? Most probably, you have or you will sooner than you thought. Observe these tips to not only unlock a car door but also prevent you from getting keys locked in car.

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