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How to unlock a door without a key – 6 creative ways

One of the greatest inconveniences is being locked out of a door without a key. This can send anyone into a panic, especially in emergency situations. Whether you’ve lost your key, it’s been stolen, or you simply locked it inside, getting in can be a challenge without it. So in this article will learn how to unlock a door without a key.

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or house and need to get in, don’t panic. There are a number of alternative ways to get the door open. In some cases, you can even use everyday objects from your wallet or bag. Here are six ways to unlock a door without using a key. You can utilize these methods to unlock a bedroom door, front door, or any other door with pins and a barrel.

1. Unlock a door with a card

One of the most popular methods is to unlock a door with a credit card. To avoid damaging your credit or debit cards, use a plastic card of lesser or no value. You can unlock a door with a credit card due to its flexibility as well as its ability to fit into small spaces. This message works efficiently for locks with angled latch bolts. If there’s a deadbolt on your door, you may not be able to unlock your door with a card.

To unlock a door with a card, slide it into the door wedge. Make sure your card is on an angle. Placing it on a slant allows you to wiggle the card and separate the latch from its resting space. It’s also important that you apply pressure against the door in order to push the door open as you unlock it.

2. Pick the lock

If there’s an emergency and you need to unlock a room door, you can unlock a door with a bobby pin. Before attempting to unlock a door with a bobby pin, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the inner workings of the lock. While every lock can be picked, the type of lock determines your approach. You’re essentially mimicking the key’s function.

Oftentimes, residential locks are pin tumbler locks. Pin tumbler locks are a group of pins held down with a spring. Pin tumbler locks are relatively easy to pick if you properly manipulate your tools. In addition to bobby pins, you can use a hook, rake, or tension wrench. If you’re trying to unlock a car door, it’ll be more difficult since cars use other types of locks.

This method requires two bobby pins. Take one bobby pin and pull it apart until it’s one long piece of wire. You’re going to insert the flat piece into your lock. Be sure to remove the ends prior to putting the pick into your lock. After sticking in your bobby pin a centimeter into your lock, push the remaining portion of your pin to the left as you slightly bend the end of the pin.

Take your second bobby pin and bend it in half with a pair of pliers into a loop. You’re going to use the second pin as your key. Since you’ve moved the lock pins with your first bobby-pin, maneuver the second pin until all of the pins are in place. Once the barrel freely turns, the door will open.

3. Lock bumping

Similar to the lock picking technique, you can use the bump method to unlock a house door. The bumping method involves using a different key to dislodge your lock pin. You can use this method to unlock a bedroom door as well as a bathroom or front door. Typically, you’ll use a bump key or a custom key that opens the majority of cylindrical locks. If you don’t have one, use a key you don’t plan on using.

Begin by putting your bump or replacement key into the lock. The goal is to get the last pin to click. Once you insert your key and hear the last pin click, it’s easier to manipulate the alternative key and unlock a room door. Start slowly to avoid jamming your key. Applying constant pressure, begin turning your key. As you’re turning, strike the back of your key with a blunt object. This is the “bump” technique. If you bump the key hard enough, the pins create enough space for the spare key to fit perfectly and finish turning.

Remember, this technique won’t work with the key fully inserted into the lock. Repeat this process until you unlock the door. Also, only use this technique for your personal locks. Bumping unauthorized doors is an illegal offense.

4. Use a butter knife

This method is great if you need to unlock a door without a key within your house. Similar to how you unlock a house door with a card, the butter knife method retracts the angled latch as well as the spring latches to open the door. If you don’t have a butter knife, it’s best to use a blunt knife to avoid injury.

To start, place your knife into the keyhole. Pin-tumbler lock owners should push the knife in as far as it’ll go. Using one hand, firmly hold the doorknob and apply pressure. As you wiggle the doorknob with one hand, use your other hand to wiggle the knife in the lock. Once you hear a click, push the knife between the door jam and the striker plate and move the knife until you can slide it into the latch.

5. Hinge removal

If you’re running out of options on how to unlock a door without a key, you can remove the door hinges. This method takes a bit more effort, however, it will get your door open. This method requires a flathead screwdriver and a mallet or hammer.

Start by placing your screwdriver under the hinge knuckle. Hit the end of the screwdriver until loose. Remove the head and pin of each door hinge. Be careful not to hurt yourself when you tap the back of your screwdriver.

6. Call a locksmith

If you don’t have time to learn how to unlock a door, the easiest way to get inside is to call a locksmith. If you’re locked out, they’ll help you gain entry. If you damage your lock trying to figure out how to unlock your door without a key, they can replace your locks for you.

In addition to getting you into your home, locksmiths can upgrade your security system. For instance, if someone sees you breaking into your own home, this may discourage them to follow suit.

Getting locked out is a hassle, but it’s wise to know how to unlock a door without a key. Whether you use a credit card, bobby pins, or a bump key, it’s possible to get indoors with a bit of creativity and elbow grease. If you do seek professional help, your locksmith can update your security system and teach you how to unlock a door in emergency situations.

If possible, create spare keys and discreetly place them around your yard or property to avoid damaging your current security system. You can even ask a loved one or neighbor to hold a spare key for you and call them instead of a locksmith. Whichever method you choose, practice safety at all times.

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