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What to do when you lost your keys and have no spare

Losing your car keys can be an expensive headache, especially when you can’t remember where
your spare keys are, or never had a pair.

Add to that the frustration of locking yourself out, and things can turn ugly very quickly. Thus, it
would be best to remain calm and not get into panic mode that can only harm your situation.
Fortunately, there’s a solution, and we are here to bring our knowledge to best guide you.

1. Search your immediate area

It would be best if you start the search for your keys in prominent places such as your house,
office, garage, and even your car. If you’re lucky, it was a slight blackout, and you forgot where
you put them.
Check your vehicle twice; if necessary, keys tend to hide in the darkest places.

2. Replace your keys

We’ve established that you’ve lost your keys, you have no spare keys, and you couldn’t find it in
your surrounding areas.
The next step will be to replace your key, and for that, you will need the followings:

Gather your car info
For a professional to replace your key, you’ll need to provide him with your vehicles VIN, year, make, and model.

• Call a nearby auto locksmith
A locksmith will generally give you the best deal on a new key. You can try and go with your car manufacturer or dealer, but you can expect to pay much higher. You will have to identify the type of keys you had (newer cars have more techy and ‘smart’ keys) to replace them accordingly.

A locksmith carries sophisticated machinery, which will most likely solve your problem rather
quickly. Furthermore, a locksmith can reprogram the replacement key flawlessly.

One last thing . . .

While you have the locksmith around, don’t forget to ask him to make you a spare key, just a

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