7 locksmith services that you need to know we provide in las vegas

Here at Unlock-it Las Vegas locksmith services, we provide many services that you, the average consumer, are not aware of! Our trained technicians can provide you with anything ranging from general locksmith services to intercom service installation, electronic/magnetic locks, and much much more!

Here we will provide you with a shortlist of services you might not know we provide, yet we provide these and many other services.

Lock rekeying:

Not many people are aware of this, but by rearranging the tumblers inside the lock we can change the key without changing the whole entire lock! Providing you with a less expensive solution to a variety of issues that might occur (Lost your house key, unruly tenant/roommate, etc.)

This type of service can be done on-site, in relative speed, saving you the need to remove your locks, and essentially leave your house unlocked while you look for a shop to rekey your locks! With some locks, our Las Vegas locksmith technicians will be able to rekey your locks without an existing key!                                                                   

Deadbolt Locks:

Deadbolt locks are essentially your first line of defense against intruders and break-ins. A high-security deadbolt can make the difference between “inviting” a burglar to attempt a break-in and deterring a thief. Just having a deadbolt on your door will make a difference, since they are harder to break into. Whether you’re looking to protect your house or business contact Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services for a more detailed explanation regarding the advantages and disadvantages of having high-security locks installed!

Intercom Systems:

Intercom systems provide your business with an option to control the traffic entering your office space, all from the comfort of your desk. At Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services we offer a variety of intercom systems, to fit every business and budget. We offer systems ranging from the use of audio, allowing you to speak with the individual looking to enter your office space, to systems using video capabilities, to allow you to capture and record all persons and activity by your office entrance/exit.                     

Contact us today, at Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services for a consultation, and we will provide your every security need! 

Panic bars/Exit devices:

One of the most important products we install of a business or commercial property! In the unfortunate case of an emergency, a panic bar can make a difference for your employees/customers. It provides a quick and fast exit point from your establishment and will make the difference in a case of emergency.

It is very important that they are installed, maintained, and serviced by a professional. You can trust us, Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services to repair or replace any exit device, on any door, to make sure your business stands up to the Fire Code Safety laws!

Electronic locks and Card access:

There is a growing demand amongst small and large businesses alike for the value of keyless entry for your employees and clients alike. We can provide you with locks that require a predetermined combination, key cards/proximity fobs, and can even restrict all access, or provide access for certain hours of the day, as well record logs of attempts to enter the premises after hours. We can make many modifications to these systems, as in to match your every need, and can maintain it for you. We can even teach you how to do so yourself in some cases!

Door closers and openers:

Here at Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services, we can service any security item on your door. We can repair, replace, or upgrade your closers! Our highly trained and experienced technicians have years of experience repairing, servicing, and installing door closers, and even carry some door closers with them at all times to provide for an easy and fast service!

Door closers provide an important security aspect for your storefront, as they control the ease and range your door should close, so when any issue emerges, you need to get it fixed asap. We provide you with fast response time, and can service any challenge that might arise!

Transponder car keys:

Whether you have a single key to your car, or you lost your only car key, here at Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services, we can provide your any automotive locksmith need! Getting a key from the dealership is an expensive and prolonged process, requiring you to tow your vehicle to their location. We provide you with a mobile, speedy solution and in most cases will also save you a lot of money in the process. Our technicians are mobile and experienced and can provide a key for most of the vehicles in the market!

For all of the above services, and many many more, call us at Unlock-It Las Vegas locksmith services, and one of our technicians will be on the way to you in no time!

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